Stripes, stripes, stripes!

There is still a blank wall in the girls' room - what am I going to do with it?!

Because we're in beautiful CA and there's the ever looming threat of an earthquake, I had to nix the idea of any sort of shelving or hanging artwork - this is the wall that the crib is on, after all.

I started browsing the web for ideas and landed on STRIPES! What a great way to inject some interest and color into their lovely little room. I'm planning to keep it as an accent wall, not wrapping the entire room in stripes, but I may love it so much I'll have to paint another wall, too!

Paint chip - Benjamin Moore Frozen In Time

Paint chip - Benjamin Moore Frozen In Time

I've settled on the color - Benjamin Moore Frozen In Time. I made the mistake of asking Toddler G which color she would like and, of course, she chose the one with her favorite movie title in it! Thank god I like the color, too. Ever since mentioning that I was planning on painting their room, Toddler G keeps asking, "Can we paint the walls, can we paint the walls?!" She really loves helping me these days.

I had the grand plan of having all the painting done over this past weekend so that I could share the results with everyone, but that didn't happen. A certain Toddler G and Baby M decided they didn't want us to finish, let alone get all the stripes marked on the walls. I feel like I need a babysitter to get anything done some times!

My plan in a nut-shell - 6" horizontal stripes, keeping the base color the slightly off-white that is already in the room. I must say, marking the stripes on the wall seems like it will be the most time consuming part of the whole process. But, I'm already super excited about it, even with only half the stripes penciled on the wall. I can't wait for it to be done and to share it with you! So check back next week for the results.

Here's a handy tutorial I found that I'm loosely following.

In the mean time, I wanted to give you a glimpse into my vision with inspiring photos of striped rooms I found. 

If painting isn't your thing, I found a site that sells stripe decals - its as easy as ordering, putting up a sticker, and enjoying!

Design Goings-On

The High Point Market is in the midst of its twice-yearly week-long industry trade show, Oct. 18-23. This is where furniture designers/producers, interior designers, buyers, basically everyone that has something to do with interior design gets together to reveal their next best product, almost the "Fashion Week" of interior design. My Twitter feed has been jam packed with all sorts of updates on what designers are there, amazing products that are coming out, etc. I'll have a round-up of some of the beautiful things I'm seeing for next week, so check back!