Setting the Table for a Thanksgiving Feast

It feels odd, but I'm not going all out on Thanksgiving decor. 

I've already got my centerpiece of pumpkins and corn that I re-imagined from Halloween, and last week's baby shower finished it off with the acorns, woodland decorations, etc. And I'm not hosting Thanksgiving dinner - the entire family is packing up and going down to the Monterey area for dinner at my mom's. 

Despite all this, I do love a fabulous tablescape. Here are some that really struck a chord with me and I would love to recreate at some point:

In order to put the perfect table together, I've compiled a list of items that would make your own tablescape. From dishes, to serving pieces, to accessories, I would love to have any of these!

Dish sets

Dishes are the foundation of your table setting. I'm typically partial to white-based dishes so you aren't stuck with one color scheme for the rest of your dining life, but the Juliska and Zara Home dishes felt very Thanksgiving appropriate.

Serving Pieces

Great serving pieces are like statement necklaces for an outfit, they can finish the look of a table and take it to another level that dishes and centerpieces just can't. I adore the Anthropologie pieces below with their feather motif.

Accessories and Decor

No table is complete without a centerpiece or a little something special that just screams your theme. These are some fun additions to any Thanksgiving or Fall tablescape.

Thanksgiving is all about being together with family and friends. Make your tablescape as beautiful and unique as possible to make the togetherness all that more special and wonderful.

Check out my Thanksgiving Pinterest board and my Fall Is in the Air blog post for even more great ideas!

Happy Thanksgiving!