Halloween Crafts for the Kids

I wanted to get this post out last week, but I just wasn't able to. We had our first ever garage sale last weekend and prepping for it was a little daunting. I definitely worried way too much than I needed to. What can I say, I'm a perfectionist. That, along with binge-watching one of the best shows on TV, The Blacklist, I just couldn't get it together. Better luck this week...

Toddler G has been loving the fact that I'm crafting so much lately. She always wants to help, wants to use my glue gun (nope), and adds her two cents at every turn. I decided it was time to get out the Halloween Kids' Crafts and share them with all the other families out there.

For the Glue Fanatic:

For the Mini-Crafter:

For the Small Scientist:

For the Budding Chef:

Happy Halloween crafting with the kids! I'd love to hear what your favorites are.

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