To Create a Tassel

As I mentioned in my last post, over the last few months I've developed a new addiction - making tassels. They're everywhere! From earrings to jewelry to key rings to charms on purses... From Coach, to Michael Kors, to BCBG... You name it, they've put a tassel on it. After seeing a fellow blogger's post about tassels earlier this year, the tassel-making seed was planted in my head. I thought about them for a while, imagined what I could do, then decided to jump in.

My first attempt at tassel-making was in September, when I made my Fall Tassel Garland. Not my finest moment, but it was a great start (and now I have an endless supply of tassels to adorn gifts!). Since then, I've experimented with large yarn tassels, pompom tassels, vegan leather tassels, embroidery floss tassels, string tassels, tassels on beaded garlands... And a plethora of pompoms. I have plans to make a large purse charm, tassels with beads and metal detailing, even necklaces. Clearly, I just can't get enough of them!

I started with yarn tassels, moved to string, vegan leather, and finally embroidery string. There are so many different materials to use, so many different ways to adorn them. The options are limitless, probably why I love making them so much! I put this batch on key rings and lobster clasps to make them more useful for me and anyone I happen to gift them to. 

I've used so many different tutorials that it's hard to say which I stayed true to. But here's a great one from Lovely Indeed to get you started.

I made beaded garlands with small and large yarn tassels. The small white tassel bead garland is now adorning a floor lamp that I'm dying to get rid of - I had to "pretty it up" somehow. And Sven needed a little holiday cheer. He's so much happier now ;-) You can find the beads here. I used about 45 for the shorter white garland and 75 for the longer red one.

Tassels are so fun and easy to make, even therapeutic; especially for my frazzled nerves after a full day of two toddlers screaming at me. I'm starting to believe there's nothing a glass of wine and some tassel making can't fix! I can sit and make them while watching TV, zoning out but feeling like I'm still accomplishing something.  I've tried the adult coloring book craze, which I love, but I don't feel terribly productive after having spent time doing it. So, my latest addiction is actually helping me! Maybe it'll turn into a new career, Etsy here I come (wink, wink)!

Have you made tassels? I'd love to hear your tips and tricks of the trade. Happy tassel-ing!