Back in the Game (with Marble)

Since spending the last few months crafting, I've been feeling like I'm out of the design game. I've spent so much time Pinning and looking for fun projects that I can take on myself that I haven't spent the time to see what's been going on in the bigger design world outside my home. 

That being said, I've now assigned myself "homework" - catching up on reading my design magazines to see what I've been missing. It's quite a daunting task when there's a stack of magazines a mile high and two little girls constantly pulling at my attention. Either I have the two neediest children in the world, or they're just normal 1 and 3 year old's - but by the end of the day all I want to do lately is lay on the floor and stare at the ceiling. They're taking it all out of me! Gotta dread when a 3 year old will no longer nap and a 1 year old is trying to drop her second nap by napping only 45 minutes a day, yikes!

But as I carve out some time to myself - thank you, Sesame Street - I've been finding an endless source of marble and marble-patterned decorative items. From fabric, to lighting, to the typical furniture, marble is making a HUGE splash right now.

When I think of marble I always remember my grandmother. She loved all things fabulous and marble was one of them. She was such a stylish woman, that it may be misleading when I say marble reminds me of her - its actually a really good thing for marble!

But as I look around my home there is a remarkable lack of marble. I guess I'll have to stock up on some of the great products I've found, or undertake the two DIY projects I had to throw in (can't get crafting out of my system no matter how hard I try):

Do you have marble in your home? I'd love to hear how you're taking on this trend!

Happy marble-ing!