Tray Chic!

When One Kings Lane asked me to be a part of their Tray Chic blogger campaign series, I was beyond excited!

Not only because I've let my "dry spell" go on for over two months - I can't believe it's been that long since my last official post - but because I actually use trays all the time. I have a few acrylic trays, faux leather, rattan, ceramic, marble, the list goes on. They are infinitely useful around the bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom...

And the styling options are endless! Use a tray to display make-up, perfume, trinkets, books and flowers, even my husband's "stuff" has a stylish tray on his dresser - of course his had to be super manly (dark brown marble) or else it would have been shoved in the bottom of his closet.

Back to the Tray Chic series, One Kings Lane challenged bloggers to show off their Tray Chic Moment - a beautifully styled tray at home. I started styling up a storm - talk about getting excited about designing at home again. I think my husband was starting to get annoyed with my tunnel vision (there were trays laying around the house for days as I put different ones together to see how I could make our things look that much better by using a tray).

Here's a gallery of a few tray-scapes that I spruced up or created anew. So fun to see how things around the house can get new life when put together in a fresh way.

One Kings Lane has some really great tray and accessory items here to get your own Tray Chic Moment started. Check out a few of my personal favorites:

I even got a chance to do easy Tray DIY that I've been dying to get done for a long time - creating your own tray out of a cutting board and some cabinet pulls. This is the tutorial I used - as always, thank you A Beautiful Mess. So quick and easy!

Here's another I've been meaning to do, from Homey Oh My! Looks super easy and affordable, just haven't had the time to do it.

DIY Gold Leaf Jewelry Tray at Homey Oh My!

DIY Gold Leaf Jewelry Tray at Homey Oh My!

I had the best time doing this post! Thanks to One Kings Lane for getting me inspired again.
And to my readers, I'd love to see your Tray Chic moments, too. Share, share, share!