My Current Obsession

My Obsession du Jour is succulents.

It must be the drought on my brain, but I've let a bunch of my potted plants die and now I'm replacing them with all sorts of succulents. Ever since I killed my Fiddle Leaf Fern (it was a truly depressing day when the last leaf fell and I realized there was absolutely no way I could save it) the house has been sadly plant-free. I've been trying to find the perfect replacement plant forever. They're all too palm-like, too stalk-like, too hanging, too "not right for me." Then I realized it was staring me straight in the face, since our backyard is full of them! What plants can take the heat, no water, and my penchant for killing plants? SUCCULENTS! 

I've been pouring over pictures of succulent arrangements, how-to-plant guides, lists of various types... And I must admit, I have developed a relationship with them that I just don't want to quit.

Last week I decided to replace the row of pots by our front door as my first "test" into seeing how hard (or easy) it would be to plant succulents. Low and behold, it was crazy easy!
Here's the how-to-plant guide I used.
I bought river pebbles and cactus soil at Lowes and everything is still alive - granted its only been one week, but I'm hopeful!

Since then, I've re-potted my snake plant and put together another pot by the front door with a string of pearls plant from the local Farmers' Market, aloe from Lowes, and one that I can't remember the name of for the life of me! I'm also in the midst of planning another pot, I'll share pics as soon as its done. Seriously, I'm obsessed!

I love this string of pearls plant! I may have to fill the pot with a few more succulents, its looking a bit empty

Apparently I'm not the only one. Not only did I find a great hanging pot of succulents at Disneyland, but the hillside by the Casey Jr. Train was amazingly landscaped with a sea of succulents. Who knew Disney was into succulents, too!