Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! To all the mothers who are currently in the thick of it, with little people they’re trying to mold into good human beings and productive adults. To all the mothers who know that being strict with their kids will make them better people, but in the moment all you want to do is give in to their screaming. To all the mothers who are pulling their hair out, but all the stress melts away with each “I love you, Mommy”. To all the mothers that feel like it will never end, but look down at their child and think “When did you get big enough to do that?!”

We are all heroes, heroes to those little people that need us so much and love us so unconditionally. Don’t forget that! We are amazing, no matter how not-amazing we feel at the moment. Motherhood sometimes makes us feel like we could be doing better, that we're not doing enough, that we're failing in some way. But if you're feeling that way, it's probably because you care so much about being a good mother. Which, in turn, means you're probably doing a great job. At least this is how I feel about, and hope I'm doing, motherhood.

I never appreciated my mother more than when I realized how much she had sacrificed for me and my sisters. It takes being a mother to realize all of the time, energy, and emotion that goes into motherhood (and tears, both happy and sad). I don’t know how my mother raised 4 girls and is even remotely sane today.

For my sixth Mother’s Day (I can't believe it's been that many already), all I want is to paint the accent wall in my bedroom and fix the drapes that are currently hanging to the wall by a thread because my girls insist on twirling in them. No fancy brunch, no mimosa (well, maybe after taping off the wall and laying the drop cloth)… It’s amazing how my Mother’s Day expectations have changed in the last six years!

This past Easter, I had grand plans to take pictures of my mom, me and my girls that I could frame and give to her on Mother’s Day. Ya, they didn’t turn out so well…

And to my own mother, who I love to the moon and back and couldn’t live without. I love you mom!

February Full of Love

Before getting started, I wanted to thank everyone for their heartfelt notes of encouragement after my last post about Toddler G's head. Your support made me feel so much better. Thank you! It's wonderful to know that you all are out there rooting for me, and that I'm not the worst mother in the world.

Now that it's February, let's celebrate Valentine's Month! I'm not the biggest fan of the idea of celebrating your love only one day a year. Every day should be Valentine's Day in my book. But since there is a designated day, why not enjoy it, right?! 

I brought out the XO "wreath" that I made last year and have a Valentine's craft from Target for the girls to conquer at their leisure. Cookies are in the works, of course, and the scrapbook paper transition for my kitchen frames will soon be underway. Side note, I realize I'm a serious cookie-aholic. There is never a time when I don't have cookies in the freezer (homemade), I eat them almost every day with my afternoon coffee... Is that a problem? I need to re-evaluate their importance in my life - incredibly high! Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

First shared in my I Heart You post

After reviewing last year's VDay post, I realized that one of my personal "Craft Challenges" didn't get done, the XO garland. I've got to get that one done this year. It's fun, cute, and super easy looking. I also found a handful of other Valentine's Day projects that would be fun, maybe a little late to start now, but I'll try!

AND, here's a little round-up of fun Valentine-inspired home accessories I found in my searches:

Enjoy Valentine's Month. Make sure it's full of love!

Oh! I almost forgot, I just chopped off my hair. It was completely spur of the moment and I didn't even think about doing it until I got to the salon. Don't mind my end-of-day tired look, and the girls' bathroom. What do you think???

To the ER...

*** Personal Post Alert ***

I very rarely share deeply personal things about myself or my family on the Blog, but I felt compelled after an incident late last week. I had been hoping to write about the girls' Frozen birthday party, but other things came up and completely derailed my plans.

Last week Toddler G slipped in the shower and hit her head on the step-up. It was horrifying. There was a gaping hole in her forehead, right above her eye, and I swear I could see her skull (I'm trying to convince myself it wasn't). Thankfully there wasn't much blood, but my husband and I still did our share of freaking out. After getting to the ER, waiting only 3 hours, and having a plastic surgeon stitch what seemed like layer upon layer upon layer of her forehead (I almost fainted mid-process and had to go outside), she's feeling perfectly fine and starting to heal. But I spent the rest of the day crying because somehow, despite all my diligent watching and cautioning, something horrible happened to my baby. It made me feel completely helpless. If I can't protect her against slipping in the shower, how will I be able to protect her from the possible dangers to come? 

I am the one person (for most of the day) that has complete control over the girls. I know what they're doing at almost every moment, know what they need, what they want, can understand even their most uncomprehending babble or screaming. How could this happen? It still brings me to tears. All I can envision is her blond curly head face-down in the shower. I was right there and it still happened. 

I know there are far worse things that can happen to a child, but this is the worst thing that's happened to her, us, since she was born. It was heart breaking.

And to make matters worse, once the healing has finished, we've got a year of breaking down scar tissue right in the middle of her forehead. In a world that is, sadly, very superficial, we've got to try to make what could be a garish scar invisible. I hate having to think about that, because I try not to focus on looks, weight, etc. But one of the first things the ER nurse said to us was that, because Toddler G is a girl, she'd really recommend us calling a plastic surgeon. Its hard enough being a girl and woman, now we've got to worry about scarring. Sigh. All those little nagging insecurities about my appearance are bubbling up to the surface. You know, the ones that I thought I got over in my early 20's. I guess they never really go away.

I'm trying to be optimistic - she's only 4, we can be super diligent about helping her heal to the best of our ability, and she doesn't have any internal injuries or concussion or anything life-changing. She's still her bouncy, if now completely rude, self. Whatever rude button was pressed when she fell, we've got to un-press it - I'm tired of being called a stupid head. 

Ok, thank you for listening! I'm done crying and feeling sorry for myself. On to design-y stuff next post.