Snowy Cabins to Covet

Winter vacation is upon us! I feel like the girls are in school for a max of two weeks before there’s another day off or holiday or vacation. When do they learn?! Well, I guess it is only preschool.

With all the rain and snow we’ve gotten in California lately, it seems like everyone and their mother is going skiing for the break. Except us. We’re going to hit the sun in two weeks, so I’m OK with skipping the snow this time around.

To get in the mood of the season, I wanted to find some great snowy scenes and over the top cabins. It’s the closest thing I’m going to get to the snow any time soon. I can visualize myself freezing in the powdery white, having a drink by one of the cozy fireplaces, and snuggling up in a fabulous faux fur throw. Who wouldn't want to visit the snow in one of these places? Enjoy!

Nestled in the Mountains

And now for the interior...

I'd visit any one of these places any day of the week. I'm waiting on my invite...

La Arquitectura Española

As I was writing up the annual notes for my high school's class bulletin, I started feeling nostalgic for days gone by, particularly those spent at my alma mater, Santa Catalina. I not only spent 4 years of high school there, but I went to the elementary and middle schools, too. 12 years of my life in one place! It's hard not to love a place that is so ingrained in my memories.
And it's one of the most beautiful campuses on earth! Spanish colonial architecture, the rose gardens...

Being surrounded by all of this beauty growing up most definitely influenced my love of Spanish architecture. I still dream of having a hacienda someday with a courtyard, bougainvillea... Ahh, dreams.

With all this on my brain, I just had to share some great images I found, enjoy!

Not quite like Disneyland, which is where we were last week, enjoying the blazing heat,  Mickey-love and marathon-like walking everyday. It was so much fun to see Toddler G and Baby M be in total awe for three days straight!

Baby M loving Minnie Mouse - the child had to hug every character she saw!

Baby M loving Minnie Mouse - the child had to hug every character she saw!