Super Hero Extravaganza

The holidays are always a crazy time, but in our house it is beyond. Both girls have their birthdays within the first two weeks of January, so before Christmas has even happened I’ve already moved on and started birthday planning. This year’s theme, Super Hero.

With the girls still little, they’re more than happy to share a birthday party, thank goodness! And because I only get to do it once a year I go all sorts of crazy. I was so excited when the girls decided they wanted the party at home instead of a jumpy house or trampoline park. Now I could have fun, too! I love party planning; from cake baking, to games, to decorating. I was Pinning up a storm and found too many fun ideas.

On Party Day almost 40 people crammed into our tiny California abode. Thank goodness the rain held out for a few days so we could overflow into the backyard. My Super Hero games-plan could have easily been dashed with all the storms that were blowing through.

Another perk of having the party at home is that Batgirl came and did a magic show for all the kids. One Batgirl = less $ than a jumpy house party. Her visit was a HUGE success! G is still telling everyone that Batgirl come to her party. So worth it.

In the endless search to get more bang for the buck, I found the greatest party supply site – Oriental Trading (hopefully I’m not the only one who hadn’t heard of it before!). That, along with the Dollar Store, Amazon and Target, made the party a great success for so much cheaper than it could have been. If you’re planning anything , definitely check it out and shop around. Prices vary so much for the exact same thing, and Amazon surprisingly wasn’t the cheapest.

Take a peek at my party-planning craziness, I had so much fun!!

The Food

I love to bake. If you've seen my Instagram account this won't be a big surprise. I've made the girls' birthday cakes every year (except one). This year was chocolate for G and a traditional yellow cake (dyed red inside) for M. And I couldn't let an event go by without getting a new cookie cutter, Batgirl cookies had to make an appearance.

The Games

Super Hero games are the best! I had The Flash Dash, Hulk Smash, Spider Web Practice and Super Breath. I found the best set of Hulk glove-hands to punch down empty boxes that we stacked like buildings. My husband was so happy to help me re-wrap all the empty Christmas boxes in black wrapping paper for the party. When I asked him I thought he was going to strangle me, ha! But he's an amazing dad and husband and relented.

The Dollar Store had silly string that we used to spray on black poster board with a face of the Joker for Spider Web Practice. I know, I know, mixing super hero villains, but it worked. We were cleaning up chunks of silly string from the grass for two weeks! The Dollar Store also had Avenger's bottles of bubbles for Super Breath. The littler kids loved this one. A great way to make the party work for ages 2-7.


There is no end to the decorating possibilities! I always have too many ideas and have to reign myself back in. I replaced almost every framed picture in the house with a Super Hero themed one, finally hung my gallery wall to put up even more pictures, and generally went decorating-bonkers. All the pictures were free printables I found online, as well as the emblems for the party bags. My scissor-cutting skills were put to the test. Even our sea grass Sven got a mask!

The party was so much fun and tear-free! At this age there's always someone that inevitably breaks down from stimulus overload, but not this time. I'd call that a success.

I hope you enjoy checking out my party-craziness!

I Lava You (and Frozen)

The girls have been addicted to watching Inside Out, the cutest movie I've seen since Frozen. But only in the last week did we discover the Bonus movie, Lava. It is the PERFECT pre-Valentine's Day video. Only 5 1/2 minutes, but such a great volcano love story. Watch it here. I hope it brings a smile to your face :-)

It's been about a month since the girls' Frozen birthday party, how did that happen?! I've been meaning to share my pictures of the party, but life gets in the way. I have to admit, I went a bit crazy with all the little details, I went Pinterest happy. Oh, and thank you to my sister for taking the pictures. Of course on party day I was bustling around trying to get things ready and didn't have time to take them, so THANKS K.M.!

I started two weeks ahead of time, as soon as I de-Christmas-ed the house. I found hanging lanterns and snowflakes for a great deal on Zulily, and we were living with those hanging from the ceiling for over a week. I always forget to check out Zulily's Home section, but got lucky the day I did. And other than a handful of other items, I was able to grab most everything from the Dollar Store - thank you, girls, for wanting a birthday theme that's no longer the it theme and perfectly timed with their Winter/Christmas decor!

My little experiment with Royal Icing at Christmas was so fun that I had to make cookies for the party. I was ridiculously impressed with myself - thanks to my husband's help! The sugar cookie recipe is here. And I had to make Rice Krispie Snow Balls (minus the coconut and powdered sugar), delicious!

I also got into the cake-making business. The 5 layer snowflake cake was by far my favorite. I dyed the cake mix blue, then frosted it with a very simple butter cream frosting and piped the top snowflake with a ziplock baggie, one corner cut off. Great things can come from the unexpected! The big cake was supposed to be blue ombre, but didn't quite make it. Oh well, it wasn't a complete disaster. Oh! My mother, who can do absolutely everything, made the great blue and purple cake pops. She is amazing!

It was such a fun party! I had a Snowflake Necklace station, Decorating Snowflakes station, Pin-the-Nose on Olaf (free hand turned out pretty good!), Frozen bowling and a Snowball Toss, and the party favorite Color Frozen Scenes. There are so many free Frozen printables on Pinterest, all you need is a good color printer. Check out my Pinterest board for all the different ones I used/looked into.

I definitely got Frozen Fever, it was just too much fun! Looking back, I think I had more fun than the girls. Yes, I've gone insane :-)

If there are any little girls in your world, hopefully this can give you some fun birthday ideas.

Birthday Princess

To celebrate Toddler G's 3 year and Baby M's 1 year birthdays, I had to do it up right. Toddler G has been obsessed with princesses for what seems like forever, and Baby M is such a happy-go-lucky baby that she'll go along with almost anything. So when G said she wanted a Princess Party, I jumped in with both feet.

I can't tell you how long I spent searching Pinterest for all things Princess. I was very ambitious with my ideas since it was for both of my littles. I don't think I've been so stressed about getting things done for a party in a long time!

I started getting things together a mere week ahead. First came the princess silhouettes - I replaced a number of my pictures with Toddler G's favorite princesses and the Sleeping Beauty castle, of course!

There are endless amounts of images of princess silhouettes online, a simple Google search and you'll see. I ended up downloading some images and my husband was able to blow them up to the size I wanted. Then I simply printed them out and put my scissors to work! I stuck some to construction paper and the others to patterned scrapbook paper. I really like how they turned out!

A few balloons and a little tulle swag later, I had a fun fireplace wall. Side note, our fireplace doesn't have a mantel, instead it has 3 brick ledges that don't have enough room for much, other than placing frames on them. I try to do the best I can with what I've got!

I made a fancy "chandelier" by using our Xmas tree garland and draping it over the arms of our kitchen light fixture.

I "princess-ified" the moss wreath on our front door by wrapping it in pink and white tulle and adding a glitter tulle pom pom that I got at Michaels. The giant glass vase that I change from season to season (or party to party as it seems lately) got to wear a Dollar Store tiara and was filled with a ball garland that I used for a prior birthday celebration. I decorated our living room window with streamers, pink balloons and paper pom poms, and hung giant purple pom poms from the ceiling. 

I baked cupcakes with rings and sugar cookies in the shapes of tiaras, glass slippers, and castles. It was a lot of work, but so much fun! Especially when Toddler G had a huge smile on her face the whole day.

The piece that I'm most proud of (and took the most time) is the table tutu. This took me almost 3 hours, but was so worth it! Here's the tutorial I used. I scrapped the trim, but only because I didn't have a ton of extra time and the trim I would have used cost way more than I was planning on spending. Oh well, it looks pretty good without it!

The kids got to Decorate the Crown/Sword and Find the Jewels in the tub. Lots of fun for both the boys and girls!

I loved having the house decorated so much that I kept it all up for a week! My husband was ready to get rid of it, but I just couldn't - it took too long to put it all together!

How princess decorations get retired - fun bedroom ceiling decor! I think I'll keep it up until the girls get sick of it.

I wanted to apologize for unexpectedly missing my post last week. We had some cat drama that included the pet emergency room, surgery, and a lot of recovery time. All is now well, but my head wasn't in design at all. Hopefully I won't have to miss another post unannounced!