Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! To all the mothers who are currently in the thick of it, with little people they’re trying to mold into good human beings and productive adults. To all the mothers who know that being strict with their kids will make them better people, but in the moment all you want to do is give in to their screaming. To all the mothers who are pulling their hair out, but all the stress melts away with each “I love you, Mommy”. To all the mothers that feel like it will never end, but look down at their child and think “When did you get big enough to do that?!”

We are all heroes, heroes to those little people that need us so much and love us so unconditionally. Don’t forget that! We are amazing, no matter how not-amazing we feel at the moment. Motherhood sometimes makes us feel like we could be doing better, that we're not doing enough, that we're failing in some way. But if you're feeling that way, it's probably because you care so much about being a good mother. Which, in turn, means you're probably doing a great job. At least this is how I feel about, and hope I'm doing, motherhood.

I never appreciated my mother more than when I realized how much she had sacrificed for me and my sisters. It takes being a mother to realize all of the time, energy, and emotion that goes into motherhood (and tears, both happy and sad). I don’t know how my mother raised 4 girls and is even remotely sane today.

For my sixth Mother’s Day (I can't believe it's been that many already), all I want is to paint the accent wall in my bedroom and fix the drapes that are currently hanging to the wall by a thread because my girls insist on twirling in them. No fancy brunch, no mimosa (well, maybe after taping off the wall and laying the drop cloth)… It’s amazing how my Mother’s Day expectations have changed in the last six years!

This past Easter, I had grand plans to take pictures of my mom, me and my girls that I could frame and give to her on Mother’s Day. Ya, they didn’t turn out so well…

And to my own mother, who I love to the moon and back and couldn’t live without. I love you mom!

Spring Fling

It's officially here! 

Spring break is this week (as much as a preschooler who goes only two mornings a week can even understand what spring break is), Easter is over, and my spring updates have begun. I've retired my winter-white bedding for the season, fallen in love with touches of pink and copper, and I'm imagining all sorts of updates I can do in the house on-the-cheap.

I don't know if it's cabin fever, but I've been feeling so restless lately! Not only do I feel like my home decor is getting stale, but I'm cleaning up a storm - I was even dreaming of cleaning the entire refrigerator last night, not a good sign. They do say "Spring Cleaning", clearly for a reason and maybe its not just because things are dirty.

In the hopes of putting my craziness behind me, I've brought out my spring bedding, an ancient Anthropologie duvet cover and shams that I fell in love with years ago and just can't shake my love for. It screams spring to me, serene and calm.

My very-much-loved Anthropologie duvet cover

My very-much-loved Anthropologie duvet cover

It's amazing how a quick trip to the linen closet can make my bedroom feel fresh and ready for great weather. Gotta love shopping my home!

I did make a small investment to update the family room with pink accented pillows from World Market. They have such a fun selection of pillows that aren't crazy expensive. On my pillow trip I even found a copper accented mirror for the family room. I'm not sure what has sparked my sudden desire to decorate with pink, but it feels much more fun than the browns I previously had and puts a smile on my face.

My trio of frames in the kitchen have also gotten their seasonal update. They are the Ikea Ribba frame in walnut (unfortunately a discontinued color). The 12"x12" opening is perfect for scrapbook paper that I can change out whenever the mood strikes. They are red patterned Ikat, stripes and Chevron stripes right now.

Another way I'm looking to freshen up the house it to search for wall art/decor for the master bedroom. I stumbled upon a great Elle Decor post about downloading free prints and framing them inexpensively. I hadn't thought to do this, LOVE IT!

I'm also still hoping to get my paper towel roll art put together for above one of the dressers in our master bedroom; hopefully before my towel roll stash explodes out of the bag - I'm great at saving them, just not so great at getting my act together to use them! So, I have two good projects ahead of me. I'll keep you posted! 

Check out my Pinterest board for more spring updates that may just inspire you, too!

Easter Round-Up

Maybe it was residual winter clouding my brain, but I feel like I've been living under a rock the past few weeks - uninspired to do much of anything crafty or design-worthy. I had at least three projects I wanted to do for Easter, but didn't even break them out of the bag! So sad.

I did grab two craft projects at Target that I could do with Toddler G. Thank goodness, otherwise my funk would have put a cloud on her Easter!

My everyday moss wreath dressed up with left-over pink ribbon and some of the Target rabbit crafts I did with Toddler G

My everyday moss wreath dressed up with left-over pink ribbon and some of the Target rabbit crafts I did with Toddler G

Here's to being more inspired now that I feel like spring has arrived!