Picture This

Baby M's First Year Baby Album, no longer available at  Red Envelope

Baby M's First Year Baby Album, no longer available at Red Envelope

I'm in the throws of updating Baby M's First Year photo album. I've already had all the pictures printed out (love Snapfish), put months 1-3 in the book, but I hit a wall a few months ago and haven't gone back to it since - she's 15 months old already!! I have to get it done before I start forgetting what all the pictures are. The album I have for Baby M is a set of 4 mini-albums from Red Envelope, sadly no longer available. I tried my hardest to find a similar alternative for you all, but I'm coming up with nothing - how is that possible?!

Nevertheless, the idea of photographs and documenting our ever-busier lives got me thinking about how many frames I have around the house. I LOVE pictures of my family and display them everywhere, probably too many! But I just can't help myself. Every little smile, every moment of happiness (even the not-so-happy ones), deserves a frame in my book.

I've been slowly accumulating quite a collection of frames. Between Ikea, Pottery Barn, and a handful of other brands, I feel like I have at least 50 frames out and about through the house. Kind of crazy for a house that isn't insanely large, I know. I may need to start editing.

There are so many ways to make your pictures perfectly "you" - as if the content wasn't enough! The frame itself is a reflection of your style, the matting, the display. It all helps tell the story of you and your family.

Here are some great frame finds that you may enjoy - some I even have in my own house.

Sources (from Top Left to Right):

  1. Pottery Barn Rope Silver-plated Frame - I have this one in my own house. I love silver-plated frames and have a number of different "textured" frames, from rope, to basket weave, to branches.
  2. Zara Home Wicker-Effect Metal Frame - I love the nod to a more Southern-type of style
  3. Zara Home Bamboo Frame - You can't not love bamboo
  4. ZGallerie Anguilla Frame - I'll take a chevron print any day, especially in these very current neutral tones
  5. Pottery Barn Kinsey Enamel Frames - A great way to add a color splash
  6. ZGallerie Plexus Frame - A glitzy almost stone look
  7. ZGallerie Stella Frame - The combination of brass and silver adds a great historical touch
  8. Ikea Ribba Frame - I have various sizes and colors of this frame all around the house
  9. Ikea Virserum Frame - I also have a bunch of sizes and colors of this one!

A Beautiful Mess recently posted a great how-to on making your own patterned photo mats. Such a great idea and looks pretty easy. What a wonderfully creative way to personalize frames and make your photos look even better! And it makes me want to incorporate black and white photos in my own display!

I've also been fantasizing about putting together a gallery wall. I've seen so many how-to's and really like this one by Emily Henderson. How awesome to have something like this in my own house, I'd feel so grown up!

Source:  Emily Henderson

Do you have an obsession with photos/frames? How do you have them displayed? I'd love to hear how you've personalized your space.

I Made That!

So it's done. I've been crafting my brains out over the past two weeks and I need a break!

I did reach my goal, though! I had to make a slight amendment because the craft store was all out of O's for my XO garland. But I replaced that with something I've been meaning to do for over a month - a marbled clay ring dish.

Here are the crafts I charged myself with completing before Valentine's Day:

XO Wreath


I kept putting this one off because of the amount of time I thought it would take. But it actually came together fairly quickly. I followed this tutorial and got the faux flowers at Michaels. I filled in the grapevine wreath and branches much more than the tutorial did, but I like how it turned out! And its a definite door filler, measuring in at almost 3 feet (including the bow).

Marbled Clay Ring Dish - replaced the XO Garland I couldn't get the parts to complete

I've been meaning to do this craft for SO LONG! I saw them forever ago on A Beautiful Mess and got all the supplies, then they  sat on my computer printer until my husband broke out the clay for Toddler G this past Saturday morning when I was out. Oops! At least it made me use the rest of the unused clay before someone else did.

Next time (yes, I'll do it again!) I'll use a little more clay for each bowl. I had some ragged edges and the bowls were a little thinner than I would have wanted. But nonetheless, they're still pretty cool looking.

Geometic Wall Art


This one was so easy, just cut 12x12 scrapbook paper in half and tape it to the wall. The paper got a little wrinkled when Baby M decided to grab the paper while I was putting it up. She loves all things shiny! 

VDay Garland


I apologize for the horrible photo, for some reason I only took a photo of this one with my phone. I got the idea here, but used the template for the Halloween Garland I did back in October because I really liked the paper dimensions. I wanted to have some pattern so I used scrapbook paper I already had. Then I simply used tiny clothes pins (previously used on my Xmas Card Tree) and attached them to ribbon. Easy peasy.

Love Bugs

Unlike the tutorial I used, I couldn't find little bees or ladybugs anywhere! So I've had to make due with slightly creepier ones (spiders, flies, and ants). Not half bad. Could be great for someone who isn't totally in love with Valentine's Day ;-)

How did I do?! 

Did anyone try these or any of the kids' crafts? I'd love to hear how they turned out!

Design Goings-On

Ikea is launching two new collections this month!

I love all things Ikea. You must check them out, super cool!


It's all in the Ornament

I've been slowly making Christmas ornaments for the past few weeks - or having the girls "make" them.

They are such a lovely way to decorate a tree with sentiment. Last year we got our first tree since having Toddler G and I had to scrounge up the few ornaments my husband and I had collected, some from my childhood, tons of lights from my in-laws (thanks for shipping them all the way across the country!!), and filled in the rest with ornaments from Ikea.

This year we have an even bigger tree and in addition to what we already have, I got some gold bead garland and a handful of gold ornaments, again from Ikea. If you can't tell, I'm adding gold accents to all my Christmas decorating, and yes, I love Ikea.

But as I was decorating the tree I realized that the girls don't have their own ornaments. True, they're too little to really know they should have some, but I know! So I got to work enlisting Toddler G to put on pom poms while I hot glued, sprinkle some glitter on her lovely painting, and getting Baby M to squish her hands in some clay. Oh what fun!

I had Toddler G pick out an ornament for her and baby M when we were making a stop at Pier 1. I love seeing what she picked, so fun!

I even put myself to the test with my first use of Mod Podge to make their First Christmas ornaments, back-dating Toddler G's, of course.

Toddler G's new favorite color is green, so her  First Christmas  ornament had to be, too

Toddler G's new favorite color is green, so her First Christmas ornament had to be, too

In the spirit of fun and beautiful ornaments, I've put together a few that I found online and thought I'd share with you all. Check out my Pinterest board for even more and fun DIY tutorials.


In The Field

This past weekend was the Remodelista Market in San Francisco. What a great time! There were 40+ local designers and craftsmen and women that ranged from clothing, textiles, ceramics and more. It was hosted by Heath Ceramics and sponsored by Terrain. So many beautiful pieces, I wanted to take them all home! 

Toddler G getting her first lesson in ceramic tiles at Heath Ceramics

Toddler G getting her first lesson in ceramic tiles at Heath Ceramics

One of my favorites was a pair of white cups with silver leaf motif by Len Carella Ceramics - my luck they were sold to the person in front of me, so sad. But he is willing to make them to-order, yea! 

And, of course, I was sucked into the amazing childrens' clothing shops - Les Petits Carreaux and Dagmar Daley, to name a few. I had to pick up a book featuring a rag doll named Coco. The doll is created by Jess Brown - very much out of my price range, but such a stylish little doll!



I'll be taking the next week off for the holiday, so I'll see you all back before the New Year. Happy Holidays!


Wrapping up Presents

I've started wrapping presents and I always forget how long it takes!

I love a beautifully wrapped gift, lovely wrapping paper, ribbons and bows. The presentation of a gift can be almost as wonderful as the giving. I used to spend more time worrying about the wrapping than what was inside (an exaggeration, but not by much). Now I have two little ones (Baby M is celebrating her first Christmas this year!) and the wrapping isn't taking as much of a priority, sadly. I'll get back there, I promise myself!

My color scheme this year is gold and red. I went to Ikea when their Christmas decor first went on display and was able to pick up some super cheap wrapping paper - gold/white nutcrackers, gold origami-looking boxes (or are they owls? who knows!), flat red and some gold ribbon. I thought this would look great on top of the Ikea sheep skins I'm using as a tree skirt.

Since I've got a ways to go before my own wrapping is complete, I thought I'd share some images of amazing wrapping, do-it-yourself projects, and other things I found that could make the giving of gifts a bit more fun and original. I've got to try some of these next Christmas (or for someone's birthday before then)!

If you're completely lost when it comes to wrapping a gift, here's a fun tutorial that takes the guess work out of making beautiful edges.

Check out more inspiring wrapping images on my Pinterest board Wrapping Presents.

Good luck with all your wrapping, no matter how ornate (or not) it is! Merry holiday season!