Valentine Buys and Craft Ideas

With Valentine's Day only a week away, I'm setting the mood at home by baking heart cookies, bringing out my Valentine's XO Wreath, and diving head first into Valentine crafts with the girls

On a personal love-note, my husband and I just celebrated the 15 year anniversary of our first date. How did that happen so quickly?! I still feel like we're in college and haven't aged that much. Time flies when you're having fun and in love!


I thought I'd do a quick round up of some fun love-themed gifts and decor to help everyone else get into the mood. They're not your traditional romantic gifts, these are a little more fun and lighthearted. Because after 15 years, that's what love is, right?! Hope these spark a little V-Day love in your worlds!

Craft Ideas

It wouldn't be a holiday if I didn't have some DIY on the menu. I found some new Valentine crafts that would be so fun to do! I'm hoping I have some time this weekend to get one of them done. Find even more ideas from years past here. Cheer's to Crafting Love.

Decorating for Fall

It's October, the temperature is finally dipping below 80 degrees, we actually got rain (wait, what?!) and my Fall decorating is done. I did a fair amount of DIY this time around, and I'm really excited about the results.

The first project I tackled was my Pompom tree. I was able to cut branches off a tree in the backyard and then hot glued pompoms from Beverly's in fall colors. I love it! So does Baby M, she keeps pulling off one particular pompom for some reason, no clue why. I've given up re-gluing it.

My inspiration for a fall pitcher of cotton and wheat is from here. I actually saw this last year but hadn't gotten around to putting something together. But, this year I was on my game. I added pheasant feathers and feel like it exudes the feeling of fall, yeah!

I spray painted for the first time ever - super exciting! I was inspired by this, and was able to snag a bunch of Dollar Store pumpkins to make it an incredibly cheap project. I mixed the white and gold with some Dollar Store paper stuffing. I have a handful of Dollar Store pears that still need to be painted, but I think I'll make those for Xmas.

I've been on a tassel kick (more to come in a future post) and my first practice in tassel making turned into this fall-color-inspired garland. I hope its not too boho looking, but I had fun making it and practicing my tassel skills.

A few small projects were crafts that I did with Toddler G and changing out the scrapbook paper in my kitchen frames. You've gotta love Target's Spritz Crafts. It's so fun to mark the progress that Toddler G has made from last year - she was able to do one all by herself! She knew she could do it, I guess I shouldn't have been so surprised.

And finally, the biggest project I undertook was the Apple Wreath. I cleared out the red apple supply of 3 different Dollar Stores. And thank goodness I did, because it would have been a fortune if I had purchased them all at Michael's. It took almost 40 apples and two bags of miniature apples, which I did have to get at Michael's, along with the straw wreath. But the burlap ribbons wrapped around the wreath and used for hanging all came from the Dollar Store. I am constantly amazed with the variety of products they sell. Crazy awesome for my wallet! I also opted against the moss between the apples, I felt like it just didn't need it.

Since all of these projects have been completed I've been baking up a storm. My family, along with all of the West Coast cousins, made the trip to Gizdich Ranch for a fun-filled apple picking trip. And, as usual, we totally over-picked and ended up with 20-some pounds of apples. It's been my goal this week to bake/make something apple every day. I've made an apple crispapple butter, and apple strudel muffins so far. I somewhat botched the muffin recipe by adding way too much butter to the crumble on top, but I have a feeling they tasted even better because of it. Today, it may be a pie (if Baby M naps long enough).

What are you all doing for fall decorating? Baking? I'd love to hear.

Birthday Princess

To celebrate Toddler G's 3 year and Baby M's 1 year birthdays, I had to do it up right. Toddler G has been obsessed with princesses for what seems like forever, and Baby M is such a happy-go-lucky baby that she'll go along with almost anything. So when G said she wanted a Princess Party, I jumped in with both feet.

I can't tell you how long I spent searching Pinterest for all things Princess. I was very ambitious with my ideas since it was for both of my littles. I don't think I've been so stressed about getting things done for a party in a long time!

I started getting things together a mere week ahead. First came the princess silhouettes - I replaced a number of my pictures with Toddler G's favorite princesses and the Sleeping Beauty castle, of course!

There are endless amounts of images of princess silhouettes online, a simple Google search and you'll see. I ended up downloading some images and my husband was able to blow them up to the size I wanted. Then I simply printed them out and put my scissors to work! I stuck some to construction paper and the others to patterned scrapbook paper. I really like how they turned out!

A few balloons and a little tulle swag later, I had a fun fireplace wall. Side note, our fireplace doesn't have a mantel, instead it has 3 brick ledges that don't have enough room for much, other than placing frames on them. I try to do the best I can with what I've got!

I made a fancy "chandelier" by using our Xmas tree garland and draping it over the arms of our kitchen light fixture.

I "princess-ified" the moss wreath on our front door by wrapping it in pink and white tulle and adding a glitter tulle pom pom that I got at Michaels. The giant glass vase that I change from season to season (or party to party as it seems lately) got to wear a Dollar Store tiara and was filled with a ball garland that I used for a prior birthday celebration. I decorated our living room window with streamers, pink balloons and paper pom poms, and hung giant purple pom poms from the ceiling. 

I baked cupcakes with rings and sugar cookies in the shapes of tiaras, glass slippers, and castles. It was a lot of work, but so much fun! Especially when Toddler G had a huge smile on her face the whole day.

The piece that I'm most proud of (and took the most time) is the table tutu. This took me almost 3 hours, but was so worth it! Here's the tutorial I used. I scrapped the trim, but only because I didn't have a ton of extra time and the trim I would have used cost way more than I was planning on spending. Oh well, it looks pretty good without it!

The kids got to Decorate the Crown/Sword and Find the Jewels in the tub. Lots of fun for both the boys and girls!

I loved having the house decorated so much that I kept it all up for a week! My husband was ready to get rid of it, but I just couldn't - it took too long to put it all together!

How princess decorations get retired - fun bedroom ceiling decor! I think I'll keep it up until the girls get sick of it.

I wanted to apologize for unexpectedly missing my post last week. We had some cat drama that included the pet emergency room, surgery, and a lot of recovery time. All is now well, but my head wasn't in design at all. Hopefully I won't have to miss another post unannounced!