Beauty Addition

Ta da! I've updated the website - new colors, new fonts, new topic! I've been meaning to do this for so long, but never made the time. I had to step away for a bit and then came back with a fresh perspective. Gotta love a mental vacation for inspiration.

Let me start off by saying that I'm not the most make-up savvy person in the world, but I like to think I know how to beautify myself. My make-up style is pretty natural looking, barely-there, almost invisible... But as I'm getting older, I've begun to use it a bit more. I blame the fine lines and graying hair on the kids ;-) And I've gotten to the point in my life that if I find something that works, I want to share it with the world. So here I am, sharing my latest make-up find with you!

My big problem (or one of them) is the bags under my eyes. I never used to use concealer until after having my girls and felt like my new "normal" look was perpetual bags from lack of sleep. I saw the best quote on FB that completely encompasses my entire being at the moment:

Friend: You look tired
Me: I have two kids. I'm pretty sure this is just my face now.

To ward off looking 10 years older than I actually am, I've started to build an arsenal of concealer. I currently alternate between Bare Minerals foundation brushed on and Burberry Cashmere Concealer. They really do the job, but I recently started having a big problem with my mascara flaking below my eyes, making me look like I had no concealer on at all (aka raccoon eyes)! All my hard work was worth nothing at this point. UNTIL... Benefit's They're Real! Tinted Lash Primer.

I used to use Benefit Cosmetics all the time. But you know how it goes, I would see some new product in a magazine and have to try it, steering away from my tried-and-true. Their She Laq was my go-to mascara "sealer" that solved all my previous flaking mascara problems. With my new mascara-on-concealer issues I thought I would try waterproof mascara (didn't fix it). So I went back to Benefit to find She Laq, which I had completely forgotten about. Tragically, it's been discontinued. HOW??!! Luckily the sales woman pointed me toward They're Real! Tinted Lash Primer and eye makeup remover. Not only does the primer make my lashes look longer, it's worked like a charm at stopping my mascara from flaking below my eyes! Thank you, Benefit sales lady, for taking a chance on a completely frazzled-looking mom with two kids pulling on her legs that was about to have a s*%t fit and leave the store if you hadn't saved me and ignored my kids' hollering along with me.

And because I love to try a new product, she talked me into their Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel, after asking me if I ever used anything on my eyebrows. Yikes, I know I came in with almost no makeup on, but I didn't realize they had lightened up enough for a complete stranger to comment on. I've been using it absolutely every day since. It has a light formula that actually keeps my brows in place with the added benefit of lightly tinting them for a very natural look. It's remarkably easy to put on and takes all of about 5 seconds to apply. I remember reading somewhere that darker eye brows makes you look more youthful. Couldn't hurt to try!

A good friend of mine swears by They're Real! Lengthening Mascara. She is absolutely amazing with makeup. I'm pretty sure I complimented her on her makeup before I even knew her name. She's daring with colors, trying different products, and her application is impeccable. Check her out on Instagram, you'll love following her @blue.eyed_balabusta Doesn't hurt that she's a Jersey girl and funny as can be :-)

Let me know what you think about the products and the addition of a Beauty section on the blog. I'd love your feedback.

Until next time...